The London School Plan (1947)

The London School Plan (pdf)
The Plan itself

Replanning London Schools (pdf)
A booklet explaining the Plan

The pdf files of The London School Plan and Replanning London Schools were created by Derek Gillard and uploaded on 19 December 2023 (the booklet) and 15 January 2024 (the plan).

The London School Plan (1947)

London: London County Council 1947
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Background notes

Historical context

London County Council (LCC) was created in 1889 as a result of the 1888 Local Government Act. It inherited the powers of the previous Metropolitan Board of Works but had additional responsibilities, including education - it assumed the functions of the London School Board in 1903. It was the first London-wide municipal authority to be directly elected, and was England's largest and most ambitious authority.

Section 11 of the 1944 Education Act required local authorities to produce development plans, so in 1947, as part of its overall County of London Plan, LCC published the London School Plan, together with Replanning London Schools, a 64-page booklet explaining the Plan. Both are presented here.

At the time of publication Lord Latham was leader of LCC and Isaac Hayward (pictured) was Chair of the Education Committee. Hayward (1884-1976), who was a staunch supporter of comprehensive schools, went on to become the longest-serving leader of LCC.

LCC was abolished in 1965 as a result of the 1963 London Government Act which provided for its replacement by the Greater London Council (GLC) and the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA).

For more about the history of the LCC, see this Wikipedia page, from which the above information is taken.

The London School Plan

After a Foreword by Lord Latham and a Preface by Isaac Hayward, the contents of the Plan are:

Principles and problems12

Explanatory notes27
Tabulated details of the development plan:
Section I - Primary and secondary schools
    Child population figures32
    West London Division33
    North West London Division49
    North London Division67
    North East London Division83
    City and East London Division95
    South East London Division119
    South London Division139
    Lambeth and Southwark Division151
    South West London Division167
Section II Boarding arrangements183
Section III - Other arrangements for providing primary and secondary education184
Section IV - Arrangements for pupils requiring special educational treatment185
Section V - Transport198
Section VI - Playing fields199
Section VII - Programme of capital expenditure proposed in the development plan202

Appendix I - The statutory documents203
Appendix II - Reorganisation of post-primary education208
Appendix III - Secondary technical education232
Appendix IV - Statistical summary of plan for comprehensive high schools242
Appendix V - Sizes of sites to which the plan approximately conforms244
Appendix VI - Bodies and persons consulted245
Appendix VII - Boarding arrangements248


Replanning London Schools

Replanning London Schools begins with a history of London's schools, notes the provisions of the 1944 Education Act, describes the nature and purpose of nursery, primary and secondary schools, and explains the Council's commitment to the creation of comprehensive secondary schools (see page 25 - pdf page 26). There are also sections on voluntary, direct grant, independent and boarding schools, and on playing fields, special education and school transport. The booklet ends with a description of how the plan was made and how it would be implemented.

The documents online

The Plan itself contains many tables and the booklet includes dozens of photographs, so I have presented them here as pdf files with searchable and copiable text.

The centre pages of the booklet need to be viewed side-by-side: they display this diagram:

[click on the image for a larger version]

The above notes were prepared by Derek Gillard; they were uploaded on 19 December 2023 and updated on 15 January 2024.