Burnham (1925)

1925 Burnham Report (text)

The Burnham Report (1925)
The Training of Teachers for Public Elementary Schools
Report of the Departmental Committee appointed by the President of the Board of Education

London: HM Stationery Office

Background notes

Historical context

Public elementary schools were established during the 1870s as a result of the several Elementary Education Acts of that decade, starting with the 1870 Elementary Education Act. For more about this and about the provision of teachers for the schools, see this section of chapter 6 of my history of education in the UK and, for 1900 onwards, chapter 7 - search for 'teacher training' and go to the third occurrence.

Viscount Burnham

The chair of the Departmental Committee which produced this report was Harry Levy-Lawson (1862-1933) (pictured). Educated at Eton and Balliol College Oxford, he saw active service during the first world war and became Viscount Burnham in 1916. He was a newspaper proprietor, politician, barrister and Justice of the Peace.

In 1919 Board of Education President HAL Fisher appointed him the first chair of the committees set up to settle teachers' pay, which became known as Burnham Committees as a result.

The Committee's recommendations

Summaries of each of the chapters and the Committee's recommendations are set out in Chapter XII (page 152).

The report online

The complete report, including its appendices, notes by committee members, and the alphabetical subject index, are presented in a single web page.

I have replaced the archaic 'connexion' with 'connection', corrected the positioning of some punctuation, and removed the hyphens in 'to-day' and 'time-table'. Otherwise, the text presented here is as printed in the report.

Anything added by way of explanation is shown in [square brackets].

The tables in the appendices are presented as images.

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