School Grants Act 1855

This brief Act laid down stricter conditions relating to Parliamentary grants for education.

In the printed version the sections are numbered using Roman numerals (I, II, III etc).

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School Grants Act 1855

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School Grants Act 1855

1855 CHAPTER 131

An Act to render more secure the Conditions upon which Money is advanced out of the Parliamentary Grant for the Purposes of Education. [14th August 1855.]

WHEREAS it is expedient that greater Security should be afforded for the due Application of Money advanced in certain Cases to the Trustees or Managers of Schools by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury out of the Parliamentary Grant for the Promotion of Education in Great Britain: Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, as follows:

1 Sale etc of Premises in respect of which Grant of Money has been made not to be valid without Consent of Secretary of State etc

Where any Grant hath been made or shall hereafter be made out of any Sums of Money heretofore granted or hereafter to be granted by Parliament for the Purposes of Education in Great Britain, under the Advice of any Committee of the Council on Education for the Time being, to the Trustees, Managers, or other Persons applying on behalf of any School, with the Consent of the Trustees or Persons holding the legal Estate thereof, for or towards the Purchase of the Site or the Erection, Enlargement, or Repair of the School, or the Residence of the Master or Mistress, or the furnishing such School or Residence, no

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Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage of the Premises in respect of which such Grant hath been or may hereafter be made in exercise of any Power contained in the Conveyance or other Deed relating thereto, or under any other legal Authority, shall be valid unless either the Consent of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, for the Time being in Writing under his Hand be given to the same, or the Amount of the Grant which shall have been made as aforesaid shall be repaid to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for the Time being; and whenever any Grant as aforesaid shall be hereafter made, a Memorandum, to be signed by One of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for the Time being, shall be endorsed upon some One of the Title Deeds relating to the School, certifying to the Fact of the Grant having been made upon such Application, and for some such Purpose as aforesaid, and referring to this Act; and in any Case in which any Grant as aforesaid shall have been already made, so soon as such Memorandum shall have been endorsed and signed on any such Deed, all Bonds, Covenants, or other personal Obligations heretofore given or entered into to prevent the Exercise of any such Power of Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage without such Consent as aforesaid, shall, so far as they relate to such Exercise, but no further, be annulled.

2 Purchasers not to be affected without Notice

Nothing herein contained shall affect any Purchaser for a valuable Consideration without Notice, nor be deemed to apply to any School in respect of any such Grant heretofore made without any such Bond, Covenant, or other personal Obligations or Conditions as to Sale, Exchange, or Mortgage having been entered into by the Trustees or Persons holding the legal Estate in such Schools and the Committee of Council on Education.